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Officer roles are available in all areas!

Here's a small list of other roles that would also be helpful to have here locally.

*Arts and Science Workshops and/or Classes: Whatever skill you would like to teach to others. Or just a workshop with a general theme for folks to give it a go.

*Autocrat (event organizer): A person willing to plan and manage official S.C.A. events for the group. This person would need to have at least a basic understanding of S.C.A. event policy.

*Target Archery Marshal: A person willing to lead the way for official Archery activities within Wyntersett.

*Thrown Weapons Marshal: A person willing to lead the way for official Thrown Weapons  activities within Wyntersett. 

 Heavy Weapons Practice Spring 2018 

   Spring is here! Finally!

   Break out the steel wool, polish and oils. It's time to shine up your armor for fighting season. Practice will be held at the Recreation Area in Felts Mills starting on Sunday May the 13th. 

   Anyone who is 18yo (or 16yo with a parent and some paperwork) is welcome to suit up and give it a go. The group still has some extra gear if anyone new, or without a kit, needs use of it. The only thing you'll need to start with is athletic support appropriate to gender. 

   Practices are normally held on Sundays from 1pm - 4pm. Please check our 'Events' page for more details. 

If you should happen to see a photo of yourself and wish to have it removed from this website please contact our group's Web Minister, Wilhelm von der Schwartzbach (dungeon_crawler_777@

The Shire of Wyntersett needs your help! That's right, you! No matter what part of the S.C.A. interests you. If you live within our borders we would be most happy to have your participation.

Wyntersett is in need of a new Seneschal. a.k.a. Local-Chapter President. The main purpose is to function similar to a business manager. Most of what you'll be asked to do will be simple paperwork duties. File quarterly reports to the Kingdom. Become a signatory on our group's bank account. Approve local activities, sign contracts, keep officers on track an make sure they too send in reports when needed. That sort of thing. And to also insure that the group holds at least one event each year. You will also need to be a Sustaining member of the S.C.A. to hold this office. It's allot of small things that adds up to a large amount of commitment. If you are interested in becoming the next Seneschal of Wyntersett please contact Giles and/or Wilhelm. Contact info is located on our Officers page.

At the moment our little group has a Heavy Weapons program, but few fighters. Anyone who is 18yo (or 16yo with some paperwork and a parent) can suit-up in armor and give it a go. The only thing you will need to supply yourself to start with is athletic support appropriate to gender.

Members of the group have interests in a wide range of activities. But we are already responsible for other duties that occupy our limited time. We could really use more local membership, especially folks willing to take up Officer roles within the Shire in the fields you're interested in. 


Officer spots in all areas are available!

Please contact our group's Exchequer and/or Knight Marshal if you're interested in joining the group in any way. Please also use our Facebook group to inquire about openings. Dates and times for practices are on our 'Events' page, just stop in and say hello. Contact information is located on our 'Officers' page. 

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 Common Era: February MMXVIII (2018)                                                        Anno Societatis (Society Year): LII (52)

7th On-line Issue

All Articles and Artwork by: Wilhelm von der Schwartzbach   (William F. Reichard II)

Photo: Felts Mills Recreation Area.

Lord Giles Vs. Lord Orm.

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