Shire of Wyntersett


Wyntersett Guardian Badge
Argent, a winged stag's head affronty erased at the shoulder wings displayed azure and in base two swords in saltire sable.
(Registered in February of 2004)

Companions of Orion's Belt

Awarded in recognition of support and friendship to Wyntersett.

(not yet registered)


Kingdom Laws and Policies

Kingdom Seneschal's webpage  
(many helpful forms and links can be found there)

Order of the Hjortr

Awarded in recognition of service and contributions to Wyntersett.

(not yet registered)


Companions of the Charging Hart

Awarded to the Guardians of Wyntersett in recognition of their championship and dedication to the field.

(not yet registered)


A collection of links, forms, and other helpful information.


Kingdom Financial Policies 2013 (PDF)

Exchequer's Handbook (PDF)

Kingdom Exchequer's webpage (many helpful forms and links can be found there)

Wyntersett Populace Badge

(Fieldless) A stag's head affronty erased winged azure gorged of a chain pendant an escarbuncle argent.
(Registered in July of 2004)

Order of the Hind

Awarded in recognition of service and contributions to Wyntersett's Arts and Science program.
(not yet registered)

Wyntersett Device

Argent, a winged stag’s head affronty erased at the shoulder wings displayed azure within a laurel wreath vert and on a chief sable three mullets of eight points argent.
(Registered in February of 2004)

Event Planning

Click on this link to be taken to the Kingdom's event planning resources page.
There you will find links to a variety of handbooks & guides, and the on-line event submission form all in one place. Just about everything you will need to Autocrat a S.C.A. event.

Guardians of Wyntersett

C.E. = Common Era 
A.S. = Anno Societatis (Society Year)

Duke Sir Morguhn Sheridan
1st Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2004 – 2005
A.S. XXXIX –XL (39 - 40)

William James
2nd Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2005 – 2006
A.S. XL – XLI (40 - 41)

3rd Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2006 – 2007
A.S. XLI – XLII (41 - 42)

Lord Vito the Destroyer
4th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2007 – 2008
A.S. XLII – XLIII (42 – 43)

5th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2008 – 2009
A.S. XLIII – XLIV (43 – 44)

Lord Gwydion of Arden
6th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2009 – 2010
A.S. XLIV – XLV (44 – 45)

Lord Wilhelm von der Schwartzbach
7th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2010 – 2011
A.S. XLV – XLVI (45 – 46)

Lord Speakov Nomoreski
8th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2011 – 2012
A.S. XLVI – XLVII (46 – 47)

Lord Wilhelm von der Schwartzbach
9th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2012 – 2013
A.S. XLVII – XLVIII (47 – 48)

Lord Giles Fortescue de Wynterset
10th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2013 – 2014
A.S. XLVIII – XLIX (48 – 49)

Lord Giles Fortescue de Wynterset
11th Guardian of Wyntersett
C.E. 2015 – 2018
A.S. L – LI (50 – 51)